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Is it a hobby for elderly people only? Well, I have been interested in my roots all my life. I'm a member in Finnish Genealogical Society.

The oldest ancestor I have found is Matti Laurinpoika (Lauri's son) Hirvi. He held the House of Hirvelä until 1591 (=his death?), in Hirvelä village, town of Kurikka, Southern Ostrobothnia.

If you want to know about your roots in Finland, let me help you! Visit also Family History Finland -site. Or read at least the brief introduction to the Finnish genealogy or family history. You should also leave a message on the sfnet.harrastus.sukututkimus News Group.

I use Genus Genealogy Program but the most common genealogy program in Finland seems to be Sukuohjelmisto 8.0 , made by Sukutietotekniikka ry -society. Both programs can read and write GEDCOM-files (a standard for data interchange between genealogy programs).